Barcelona 2002 Colloquium

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Board Games in Academia V


  1. Bruce Whitehill Games to Cure a Depression
  2. Irving Finkel On Some Unusual Types of Dice
  3. R.Vasantha Board games from the city of Vijayanagara (Hampi) (1336-1565). A survey and study
  4. Adrian Seville Statistical characteristics of enjoyable race games
  5. James L. Polczynski An Evolution of the Modern Board War Game
  6. V. Balambal Folk board games of strategy in Tamilnadu
  7. Alex de Voogt Poetry and the history of board games
  8. Giovanni Galanti The playing plot: the narrative construction in board games
  9. Manfred A. J. Eder Which games have been played with them?
  10. Ulrich Schädler A contribution to the history of Backgammon from a non-indological point of view
  11. Brian Wernham Omweso: The Royal Mancala Game Of Uganda
  12. Maria Argyriadis The game of "Chasing the hare"
  13. Thierry Wendling H.J.R. Murray and the Study of Games in the Era of the Cambridge School of Ethnology
  14. Tristan Cazenave Comparative evaluation of strategies based on the value of direct threats
  15. Maurício de Araújo Lima From India to Minas Gerais/Brazil: oral memory and traces of the Portuguese route
  16. Xavi Bonet Making wood games
  17. Albert Violant i Holz Peg Solitaire and Boole Algebras
  18. Susanne Formanek and Sepp Linhart Playing with filial piety some remarks on a variation of 19th-century pictorial sugoroku games of Japan
  19. Yuki Shigeno, Víctor Baroja, Marc Gonzŕlez Use of the game of go as an educational and therapeutical tool
  20. Tony Bloom Gameboards as Sculpture - an Artist's Approach
  21. Micaela Soar and Irving Finkel A contribution to the history of Backgammon from an indological point of view

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