Barcelona 2002 Colloquium

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Board Games in Academia V


Manfred A. J. Eder

Which games have been played with them?

A presentation of old gaming-pieces for evaluation and discussion

At the 1st colloquium "Board Games in Academia", in 1995, the question was raised: "From gaming-pieces to chessmen - Which was the way?" The answer has bin found - last but not least through the Internation Initiative "We must fint the (gaming-)Pieces!", promoted by the Charity Trust "Foederkreis Schach-Geshichtsforshung e.V.", for which I speak. Under the title "Old Gaming-Pieces and Dice", an exhibition was arranged in Viesbaden in 1997, frming the 4th Symposion of the research circle "inicitative gGroup Konigstein", entitle "Searching for Facts".

My presentation will show mainly this material, Gaming-Pieces, selected from a collection of over 700 objects, covering three milleniua and geographic areas reaching from Europe to Far East, whith focus on antiquities form Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, Baktria/Afghanistan, Pakistan (The Indus-Valley), India, Burma, Thailand as well as neighbouring territories, such along the Silk-roads. There is little to no knowledge as to which board-games were played with these objects - so the objective is: to find one or the other answer and to through some light int this sleepy dawn.

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