Barcelona 2002 Colloquium

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Board Games in Academia V


Giovanni Galanti

The playing plot: the narrative construction in board games

I've analysed the differences and the similarities between two fictional activities, game and narration, in a specific game field, the board games.

First of all, I isolate a specific family of board games (that I called "fictional society games") to analyse in a narrative perspective.

The aim is to find a narrative presence in this board games family.

I would like to demonstrate that there is a clear and self-evident presence in all that is before game activity (specifically material and rules) and after the game.

But I would also try to demonstrate that there is a hidden presence of a plotting activity during the game, an activity that is strongly related to the players' strategy.

The last point I'm interested in, will concern the relationship between the player and the game, a relationship based on the concept of rule-application and on the idea that both of them, the player and the game, play and are played.

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