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Jerusalem, Israel
Wednesday, April 22nd - Saturday, April 25th, 2009


22. 4 Wednesday

0900-0945 booking & reception

0945-1030 Morphing Sudoku from Newspapers to Children Books to Wooden Playground Toy to Plastic Hand-Held Product. - Rafael Sirkis & Daria Ackerman

1030-1115 Computer-Assisted Board Games - Alda Carvalho,Carlos Santos, João Pedro Neto, Jorge Nuno Silva

1115-1200 Playing with Children - Haim Shafir

1200-1330 Lunch break

1330-1415 The Modern Eurogame Revolution - Yehuda Berlinger

1415-1500 Games and Moral - Jorge Nuno Silva

1500-1545 Board Games in Museum and Education. - Piotr Adamczyk

1545-1615 Coffee Break

1615- 1815 Prof Aviezeri games

Free Evening

23.4 Thursday

0900-0945 Bondage of Indians with Board Games from Ancient to Modern Times - V.Balambal.

0945-1030 The Game of Chaupad in India - Ute Rettberg

1030-1100 Coffee break

1100-1145 Adventures with the Lewis Chessmen - Irving Finkel

1145-1230 Hyde and seek - David Parlett

1230-1400 Lunch break

1400-1445 From Trictrac to Backgammon. Enlightenment, revolution, the rise of the bourgeoisie and their impact on the culture of play around 1800 - Ulrich Schaedler

1445-1530 Anti-Semitic Games - Simon Cohen

1530-1600 Jerusalem in Games - Gadi Kfir

1600-1630 Coffee brake

1700-2100 Opening ceremony and visiting the Museum of Israel - Cocktail - Honored by: The mayor of Jerusalem, Professor Shalom Sabar, Professor Israel Uman- Nobel price winner


0900-1100 visit & play at the GaMe Exhibition in Jerusalem Science museum

1130-1215 A method to evaluate math games - Piet Notebaert, Luc Blomme

1215-1300 New designing Old tricks Effective redesigning of games - Yoav Ziv

1300-1430 Lunch brake

1430-1545 The game "Academie" of Mr. Van der Gaag - Fred Horn

1545-1630 Invention of Games as a Way of Expression - Klod Hayat

1630-1715 Communication in Board games. - Uri Globus

1700-1730 coffee Break

1730- 1830 walk around the campus of the Hebrew University, Mount Scopus - Gadi Kfir

1900 International games evening - Everybody brings a game from home all participants play in routine

25.5 Saturday

900-1300 Tour through ancient city, from Lion's Gate along the via d' la Rosa to see Roman games, ending at the Notre Dam church. - Nehama Shafran

1300-1430 Break for lunch

1430-1600 Discussion: Board games of the 21 century - Uri Globus

1600-1700 Jerusalem in art of Christian, Moslem, Jewish - Shalom Sabar

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