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Board Game Studies Colloquium VIII


R Richardson, J Retschitzki and Pascal Gygax

WARRI GRANDMASTER'S REPRESENTATIONS OF EXPERTISE: A systematic analysis of strategy during tournament games

As a sequel to Retschitzki's (1990) study of children's and adults' strategies at the game of warri, the present study focuses exclusively on the subgroup of expert players. In October 2004, we met a group of worldclass warri players in Antigua (West Indies), where the following measures were carried out :
  1. thirty-one tournament games were recorded, and
  2. two semi-structured interviews were conducted on the topic of expertise at the game of warri.
We retranscribed the tournament games into a database, in order to analyse them from different perspectives, that is, in terms of game length, recurring configurations, but also in terms of individual strategies. As for the two top players we interviewed, they provided us with information about how they learnt the game, and how they teach it, as well as their insights into the role of emotions during the game. Our presentation will give an account of the trends that emerge from this enquiry.

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