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Board Game Studies Colloquium VIII


Gaspar Pujol


The small island of Menorca still hides treasures waiting to be discovered. The game of Caixˇ ("Box") is one of this treasures, and it's about to disappear. This rare backgammon variant is now played by less than a hundred people, and is unknown to the rest. Now the only people that know how to play it are very old, and few have taught it to their children. In other words, the Caixˇ is nowadays almost a Lost Game.

Supposedly introduced in the island by the English or the French during the XVIII century, this game has been played in Menorca till the XX century. Sadly, it has been forgotten or simply ignored by the few studies about Menorca Folklore published until today, so there is no written information about it. All that I have managed to know is due to "field work", by interviewing the few locals that still remember something about it.

It hasn't been easy to find the exact rules, but finally I have succeeded in doing so. Even though it is at a first glance similar to Jaquet, it has features from lots of different variants. The game of Caixˇ doesn't fully fit into any other backgammon's variant description.

This work is the first to collect and write down the rules of this game. It is also

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