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Dear editors,

I am currently pursuing my PhD in history at the University of Toronto under Modris Eksteins. My project involves the production and representation of the German colonies and the non-European world for the youth and children of imperial Germany. Among my topics are youth literature, education, youth associations, and toys and games.

Regarding this last topic, I am interested to find out if others know of appropriate secondary literature. I have been able to find little regarding the social and cultural place of such games within broader society (not necessarily German -- I am looking for any such analysis). I am also searching out individual examples of German toys and games that deal with the colonies or the non-European world in general and wonder if any of the visitors to your website might have any or know of useful collections. I have already been in contact with most of the toy and game museums in Germany, so I am really searching for private collectors. Anyone with any information can feel free to contact me at

Thank you very much in advance for your help, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Jeff Bowersox


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