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Looking for information on the game "Careers," which was first published commercially by Parker Brothers in the USA in 1957.

I have American, German, and Dutch editions, and I am always looking for anecdotes about the various editions of these games.

More importantly, I am interested in "Careers" from countries other than those mentioned above, specifically the different career paths and also the corner spaces and distinct "action" spaces around the board. Many of these foreign editions are just translations of the Parker Bros. game, but others might show unique career paths and a different place for the "holiday" or "Vacation". Some of the names under which "Careers" has been published are: Carrière, Carreiras, Carrières, Karriere, Karriär, Il Gioco delle Carriere and Jogo das Profissões. If you know of others, I would be very interested in hearing from you.

Please write to Bruce Whitehill ("The Big Game Hunter") at games @ thebiggamehunter dot com. Thank you.


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