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  Board Games Studies is a yearly publication devoted to the study of "board games", in their different aspects. Dice and other accessories, as far as they are related to board games, are also taken into consideration. There are three main sections in Board Games Studies: Articles, Research Notes, Book Reviews.

Manuscript Submission
Authors are invited to submit their manuscript, with three printout copies, in one of three languages, namely English, French or German, together with illustrations. Manuscripts intended for the Articles section should not exceed 8,000 words, with no more than 10 plates and/or figures. Submissions should be sent to:

Dr. Ulrich Schädler
Musée Suisse du Jeu
Au Château
CH-1814 La Tour-de-Peilz
Manuscripts submitted for publication will be critically reviewed by at least two editors or expert referees.

Presention of Manuscripts
Authors are invited to use a standard and simple presentation, with clear subdivisions and headings. Family and place names should be written in lowercase letters. Foreign words and titles of books and periodicals should be italicized. Spelling rules are those usual in each of the three accepted languages.

References must be made according to the Harvard system (out of site link), i.e. Author's name followed by the date of publication, if necessary differentiated by small letters when the same author has published more than one paper in one year. Pages are given after a semicolon. All works cited must be listed at the end of the article, ordered alphabetically by first author's name, followed by the year. For example:

  • for a book:
    Bell, Robert C. 1979. Board and table-games from many civilizations. Revised ed. New York.
  • for an article in a journal or a chapter in a book:
    Austin, Roland G. 1940. Greek Board-Games. In: Antiquity, 14: 257-271. Cooper, John M. 1949. The Araucanians. In: Handbook of South-American Indians, Vol. 5. Washington, D.C.: 503-524.

Authors are invited to write a summary (or abstract) of their paper. This should be no longer than 150 words. Translations of the summary in the two other accepted languages will be prepared by the journal (e.g. if the article is in English, French or German summaries will be supplied), but if the author is able to provide at least one of them this will be much welcome.

Computer Disks
Manuscripts must be submitted on personal computer disks after the manuscript has been accepted and after all revisions have been incorporated onto the disk. Please clearly label the disk with the type of computer used (PC or Macintosh), and the type and version number of wordprocessor (preferably MS-Word, as it is easier to convert). If your wordprocessor allows it, save your file(s) under "RTF" format. Printout copies must be supplied. Spreadsheet, database and artwork softwares are not accepted for the main text.

Illustrations must be of professional quality. They can be line-drawn figures as well as black-and-white photographs in the form of glossy prints. Photocopies or laser-printer printouts of photographs or half-tone figures are not acceptable. Illustrations should be clearly labelled with the author's name and the figure/plate number. A copy of the legend must be attached.

It is possible to supply electronic illustrations prepared with computer softwares (like Photoshop or Illustrator). Only EPS and TIF files are accepted. Photographic (half-tone) illustrations must be at a 300 dpi resolution. Electronic files can be sent through electronic mail (please contact the Editor) or supplied on appropriate disks (high-resolution illustrations need high-capacity cartridges or removable hard-disks).

For any inquiry, please contact:
M. Thierry Depaulis, Cymbalum,
24 rue Francoeur, F - 75018 Paris
Fax: +33 1 4606 8306

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