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  The International Society for Board Game Studies is an interdisciplinary group dedicated to research on board games and the history and development of board games around the world. Some of the research is very general and examines board games as a part of play and learning in different cultures. Other studies relate to specific board games and their evolution; such games include backgammon, mancala (wari, oware, awele, et. al.), Halma (Chinese Checkers), the game of India (Parchesi, Ludo, et. al.), checkers, chess, and others.

The International Society for Board Game Studies encourages board game research and publishes a journal, Board Game Studies. For information about the journal, click on "Journal" in the Main Menu at the left.

The BGS group holds research seminars every year, meeting each time in a different country, usually in April. Click on "Colloquia" in the Main Menu at the left.

Previous BGS colloquia have been held in:

Last colloquium was held in Jerusalem, Israel, on 2009
Next colloquium will be held in Paris, France, on 2010.

Planned or proposed sites are:

  • 2011: Bruges, Belgium (proposed)
The Board Game Studies colloquia began as Board Games in Academia, following a preliminary gathering in the early 1990s in England, hosted by Irving Finkel, curator (keeper) of the Department of Western Asiatic Antiquities at the British Museum.

The Board Games Studies colloquium is a multi-cultural event in which scholars, university professors, museum curators, and others involved in games research in the international community speak on various aspects of board games and board game study. Participants also include historians, authors, game inventors, collectors, and game company directors and representatives.

To learn more about the International Society for Board Games Studies contact us at info at BoardGameStudies dot info.

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